Kim Kardashian is back to her old ways. The mogul took to Snapchat to flaunt her very expensive mouthpiece with her friend, DJ Sita Abellan. Does this mean she’s rescinding on her word to be more lowkey when it comes to social media bragging?

In 2016, Kim Kardashian was involved in one of the most highly publicized international robberies in history.

The reality star was visiting France alongside her sisters, Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner. The two decided to go to a French club while Kim stayed back at their apartment to relax.

That’s when multiple Parisian bandits, disguised as police, forced the concierge to tell them the place where Kim was staying and busted into her room.

The robbers then bound, gagged, and held her at gunpoint in a bathtub while they made away with millions of dollars in jewelry, including her wedding ring.

The experience was understandably traumatic but the soon-to-be mother of three did take away a huge lesson from what the investigation revealed.

She found out that the men have been watching her on social media for a period of time before making their move. They planned the hit after seeing her post her jewelry to her social media pages.

Additionally, her security guard left with Kourtney and Kendall leaving her vulnerable although she wasn’t alone at the time.

Since then, the entire family has amped up their security and security procedures.

Most importantly, Kim said that she would watch the things she posts on Snapchat and Instagram.

All the way up until recently you may have noticed that she doesn’t show off her prized possessions as much as she used to. Even when attending events and wearing special ensembles, Kim has been going very light on the jewelry.

On January 10, the mogul posted a photo of herself showing off a shiny grill.

This may not necessarily mean that she will continue to upload all her expensive finds. Word is, she isn’t even housing her and Kanye’s jewelry at their Hidden Hills mansion for security purposes.

Do you post your pricey things on social media?

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