Could it be that Beyonce and frienemy Kim Kardashian have made peace?

Over the weekend, Beyonce shocked her fans by posting a stunning picture of Kardashian on her official website.

The headline-making photo was taken at their mutual friend, Serena Williams’ wedding.

Williams wed tech giant Alexis Ohanian at the Contemporary Arts Center on Thursday in New Orleans.

Some rumors claimed that Kardashian and Beyonce, who met for the first time since their husbands — Kanye West and JAY-Z — started their bitter feud over money and artistic differences, were able to be cordial with each other.

While others said that it was a cold meeting where they avoided each other.

Last night, Queen Bey decided to post a photo of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star on her site, and many see it as a sign that the ladies may have indeed made peace.

JAY-Z’s wife also shared multiple pictures where she is showing off her killer curves and her Rapunzel-like blonde hair.

It was previously reported that the tension between the megastars exists because of Beyonce’s dislike of reality TV.

A source said: “Beyonce has never gelled with Kim, she just doesn’t respect her, or like her, she never has, even before Kim got with Kanye. Beyonce can’t stand the whole reality TV thing, and she thinks Kim would do anything for fame, she just feels they are two totally different people with nothing in common. Beyonce is always polite to Kim when she sees her, but you can tell it’s forced and that there’s no warmth or genuineness in her interactions.”

The person went on to say that the Texan diva angered Kardashian by taking a side in her feud with Taylor Swift.

The pal shared: “Beyonce loves Taylor’s new album. She is sitting back, sipping her tea, listening to all the new songs while trying to decipher the lyrics. Beyonce is feeling Taylor’s new stuff and can relate to a lot of what Taylor is singing about. Beyonce has been through a lot and wrote about her struggles too, so she appreciates that Taylor throws it all out there.”

Queen Bey might be proving the world that she is a bigger person than previously thought.

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